Renoir's Nudes Screensaver

Screensaver featuring a collection of Renoir’s work of art

Renoir's Nudes Screensaver is a software program that will fill your screen with Renoir’s greatest female nude paintings. Renoir’s artworks are well known because of their soft shapes, light colors and fresh scenarios.

During his life as an artist, he painted several nudes which are famous for their typically robust female shape. Some of the famous paintings you will find in Renoir's Nudes Screensaver are Bathers, Baigneuse Dans Le Paysage and Gabrielle.

These paintings are currently featured in the most important museums around the world, such as Musée d'Orsay in Paris, France and the National Gallery in Washington DC.

Renoir's Nudes Screensaver


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  • guwahati

    by guwahati

    "I don't know what kind of screenssaver it is."

    I haven't seen this type of screensaver before. I couldn't understand why the developer asks for money for such kind of ... More.

    reviewed on March 23, 2011